Chase Mears - Without You Lyrics

You are here today, and I'm glad to see your face
I wanna laugh, I wanna cry, but I don't know why
You are the reason I'm standing still
You are the reason I don't wanna kill
Every memory about us

I'm standing tall
Cause I know I'll fall
If I ain't got you, if I ain't got you
It's not you I swear
Or maybe it is
You're different now
And I don't want to change

Let me go
And I'll show
You the reasons, and the problems
That don't make since to you
I swear your different
And I don't want to be
So please, so please leave me

My days are easy now
No wanting out
They're lonely and different
But at least I'm the same
I'm the reason I'm standing tall
I'm the reason I don't feel small
In my mind, in your mind
But who cares anymore


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